Pros And Cons Of HOAs In Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are on the rise across the country. As of 2014, 59% of all newly constructed home were built to participate in an HOA. That’s a significant increase from 2009’s 46%. But there are both pros and cons of HOAs in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands. For some people they are great, and … Continued

Using An Agent To Help You Find Off Market Properties in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands

Primarily, real estate investing means finding properties that offer the greatest potential return on investment. That also means knowing where to find the best possibilities, and often it involves researching and examining off-market properties. With tight markets, home buyers, especially investors, need an edge, but it takes some skill and inventiveness to find these off-market … Continued