Understanding The Different Ways To Sell Your Home In Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands

Different Ways To Sell Your Home

Selling a home is usually far from easy even in a seller’s market. The competition with other sellers is always keen (sometimes fierce), so you have to find ways to make your property stand out from the crowd. But you can do it, especially if you have a good agent to advise you throughout the process. All it takes is an understanding of the different ways to sell your home in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands.

Have a Sleepover

One of the different ways to sell your home in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands that is growing in popularity is the “sleepover” strategy. Here’s an example from HomeLight: “When Debbie Rose and her husband wanted to sell their Stamford, CT, home a few years ago, they quickly grew tired of ‘showing’ their place whenever potential buyers wanted to see it. So when a coworker mentioned that she was in interested in moving to Stamford, the couple offered up their home for a weekend getaway. The guests loved the house and town so much they made an offer on the home a few weeks later.”

Now, this strategy may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t know the people who will be staying in your home. But if you have a buyer who appears to be serious, but is still on the fence, letting her experience living in your home just my sway her over to your side. You do, of course, need to check the people out, and your agent can help you set up and facilitate such a “sleepover” strategy.

Use the Power of Facebook and Rewards

And don’t neglect Facebook as one of the different ways to sell your home in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands. Social media, especially Facebook, is a powerful marketing tool with enormous reach today. It’s also easy to share information on Facebook, and you can definitely use that to your selling advantage.

What you can do is post your real estate listing on Facebook and then inform your Facebook friends that you will be offering a monetary reward for a share of your post that results in a sale. With money as the motivator, all those Facebook friends will be more than willing to share your listing with all their friends. And that is the kind of marketing reach that is hard to beat.

The reward could be something like a Visa gift card. It doesn’t have to be a huge reward, but it does need to be enough to pique interest and provide the incentive for sharing. “In 2015, a Canadian couple offered a whopping $1,000 to the person whose share led to a sale” (HomeLight). And if you have experience with Facebook ads, you can run this reward offer in conjunction with those highly targeted ads.

Offer an Enticing Freebie

There’s also no denying the power of free among the different ways to sell your home in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands. “When Gene Caballaro . . .  wanted to sell his Murfreesboro, TN, home to move to the city, he knew he wouldn’t need his car anymore. So, he parked his two-year-old Nissan Maxima on his lawn with a sign that said, ‘Car comes with the house!’ Needless to say, he sold his home within three days.”

You don’t have to do anything as outrageous as offering your car for free with your house. You can still get results by offering freebies like patio furniture or a bedroom suite. People are always more interested and motivated when they know they’ll be getting something free with their purchase.

Create Virtual Tour and/or Live Stream

 A highly effective tactic among the different ways to sell your home in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands is the one that involves allowing prospective buyers to tour your home from the comfort of the living room on the other side of the country. And you can do that by creating a virtual tour or live streaming a “day in the life” of your home.

It may sound like a lot of technical effort, but keep in mind that 77% of home buyers begin their home search online. Consult your real estate agent if you want to do this because she probably has some experience with it. She will likely also have some preferred sites for creating and sharing virtual tours.

Hire a Good Agent

This is the traditional, tried-and-true way to sell a home and for a good reason . . . it works. But if you want to try different ways to sell your home in Lexington, Columbia & The Midlands, go for it. Just know that if these tactics fail, there’s always the old reliable way to fall back on. The new, the original, the outside-the-box doesn’t always work in every instance. But the proven method always works to some degree other. But you have to have a good agent.


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